Residential Services

House Exteriors

GEM Pro Wash specializes in ensuring your home looks it’s best. The owner will personally meet with you to determine the right type of cleaning method to use based on the exterior of your home.

Roof Algae Removal

Mold, algae, moss and mildew can decay the protecting assets of your roof causing permanent damage. Our soft washing methods will kill these contaminants at the spore extending the life of your roof.

Sidewalks & Entryways

Sidewalk cleaning removes moss, mildew, mold and debris that can make your entire property look dull and rundown. Give your home a fresh new look and avoid pre-mature damage that can de-value your property value.


We all live busy lives and that means a lot of cars going in and out of our driveways. This often causes unsightly stains. Our commercial grade equipment can remove oil, brake fluid, dirt, grime from concrete.


Millions of homeowners have outbuildings on their property. Outbuildings provide a necessary place for storage and space for activities like woodworking or home repairs.