Q: What is the difference between pressure washing and power washing?

A: Pressure washing and power washing both use a force of water to clean a variety of objects and surfaces. The biggest difference lies in the temperature of the water. Power washing offers hot and cold solutions for the most effective cleaning possible, especially for removing items like chewing gum and mildew. 

Q: Why should I hire a professional power washer instead of doing it myself?

A: Anybody can go to Lowes or Home Depot and buy a pressure-washer to clean off a little mold. The biggest difference is that our commercial-grade equipment disinfects while it cleans by using an mixture of high-powered steam and earth-friendly detergents. We are able to kill mold at the spores instead of scalping it off, which can only be achieved with commercial-grade hot power washing equipment. Not to mention, you don’t have to get on a ladder … 

Q: Do you service commercial or residential customers?

A: Both! We are happy to work with individuals who need a one-time cleaning job or with commercial customers who are looking for a weekly, monthly, or quarterly contract.

Q: Where do you service?

A: GEM Pro Wash is based in Greencastle, PA, but we will service anywhere within the Tri-State Area. This includes Chambersburg, Harrisburg, PA, and Hagerstown, MD.

Q: What does GEM stand for?

A: Aside from leaving your building as shiny as a gem, GEM actually came from founder Shawn Meals’ three daughters: Grace, Emma, and Maggie, who he affectionately refers to as his “gems.”

Q: What kind of turn around do you offer with your services?

A: You will receive a written estimate in 48 hours or less, and we can complete work within one week.