What is the difference between pressure washing and power washing?

Although the terms seem interchangeable there is a big difference. GEM Pro wash utilizes power washing which uses the right temperatures and soaps to clean your home. Pressure washing companies use force and cold water that causes damage to your siding by removing the sheen, and pushes water behind the siding and window sills causing additional mold issues and long term damage to your home. When power washing is done properly we can do three story homes without the need for ladders and abrasive brushes. We have the capability to pressure wash, but it should only be used for very specific commercial applications.

A quick analogy is if you were to get your car detailed would you want someone to use high pressure and a scrub brush on your corvette?

Why should I hire a professional power washer instead of doing it myself?

As stated above home owners can go to Lowes or Home Depot and buy a pressure-washer to clean off a little mold. The biggest difference is that our commercial-grade equipment disinfects while it cleans by using a mixture of hot water and earth-friendly soaps and detergents. We are able to kill mold at the spores instead of scalping it off, which can only be achieved with commercial-grade hot power washing equipment.

Do you service commercial or residential customers?

Both! We are happy to work with individuals who need a one-time cleaning job or with commercial customers who are looking for a weekly, monthly, or quarterly contract.

How long will my treatment last?

There are many variables that can factor in to mold growth for example, yearly rainfall, temperature, shade, proximately of trees etc. On average, home owners will not see mold regrowth for 5 years. As the owner of the company I wash my own home every 5 years. However, I do my recreational cabin which is surrounded by trees bi-annually. Mold removal from a roof will need to be done every ten years.

What kind of turn around do you offer with your services?

You will receive a written estimate in 48 hours or less, and we can complete work within one to two weeks based on our routes.

How do I know if my roof needs mold removed?

The two questions I would ask is does your roof look dingy or less vibrant? Are there visible black/grey streaks or patches or moss growth known as lichen? If you answer yes, usually these are indicators that you have mold on your roof. Why does this matter? Not only is it a cosmetic concern, but mold and lichen can decrease the life expectancy of your roof and lead to health issues. We have had customers who have failed home inspections due to these factors. Please contact us at 240-462-1550 for a professional evaluation.

Do you give quotes over the phone or from viewing my home on google earth?

We strongly prefer not to quote you over the phone. We want to be able to give you a detailed evaluation of your home and understand your specific problem areas. We don’t know of a way to accurately and properly quote your home from pictures off the internet. Either myself, as the owner, or one of our technicians will personally meet with you to provide you with an accurate detailed estimate. Call me old fashioned, but I like to meet people that are working on my home and assume you’d feel the same way.

The estimate/evaluation process only takes 15 minutes.

When do I pay and do I have to be home?

Once you choose GEM Pro Wash, we will schedule the cleaning of your home within 1-2 weeks based on our routes. No one has to be home. We will move any porch furniture and put it back at the end of your cleaning. There is no deposit due. After our services are performed you will receive a folder in your mailbox with an invoice for you to keep for your records along with a pre-paid envelope to make payment.

Is your cleaning process safe for plants, pets, or ponds?

Yes. We take great care in ensuring your lawn, gardens, and pets are safe. Our products and procedures are safe for the environment and pet friendly.

Need something power washed?

Contact us today for a FREE estimate. Receive a written estimate in 48 hours or less, and work completed within 1-2 weeks.
We are currently offering quarterly, monthly, and weekly service contracts..