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Residential & Commercial Power Washing

GEM Pro Wash is your choice for Soft Wash Roof Contractor in Martinsburg WV

It can be a lot of working maintaining your beautiful home or business. Keeping the inside beautiful is one thing, but the exterior can be a different story. That’s where GEM Pro Wash comes in! We are a Soft Wash Roof Contractor with professionals to meet all of your power washing needs.

We provide commercial and residential services. All of our projects begin with a no-commitment free estimate. In addition to giving you the best price for the work, you can trust our estimates are fair. We are committed to being your number one choice for a Soft Wash Roof Contractor.

How Can We Help?

  • Our professionals provide a range of services that work with your budget and schedule.

    As a Soft Wash Roof Contractor in Martinsburg WV, our residential services include:

    • Boats
    • Decks and patios
    • Driveways
    • House exteriors
    • Mobile homes or RVs
    • Pool aprons
    • Porches
    • Roof algae removal
    • Sidewalks and entryways

    Before after | Soft Wash Roof Contractor in Martinsburg WV

    Deck Before After | Soft Wash Roof Contractor in Martinsburg WV

    Gem Pro Wash also provides commercial Soft Wash Roof services in Martinsburg WV

    These services include:

    • Agricultural sites
    • Chewing gum removal
    • Dumpster pads
    • Graffiti removal
    • Heavy machinery
    • Industrial machinery
    • Parking lots and garages
    • Sidewalks and entryways
    • Store fronts
    • Truck and trailer fleets

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    If you have questions about any of our services available, contact us today! Our professionals can provide you with information about our approach to Soft Wash Roof, pricing, and how to receive a free estimate.

    We are a Veteran-Owned Soft Wash Roof Contractor in Martinsburg WV

    GEM Pro Wash is a locally-owned and operated business. In fact, owner Shawn R. Meals named the business after his three gems — his three daughters. “GEM” comes from his daughters Grace, Emma, and Maggie.

    Additionally, we are a Airborne Veteran-Owned business. 

    Shawn is committed to providing you the best quality of service and handiwork that you can trust.

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    Certified Badge | Soft Wash Roof Contractor in Martinsburg WV

    Why Choose Us for Your Soft Wash Roof Needs

    GEM Pro Wash in Martinsburg WV completes many different projects. We proudly offer both commercial and residential services. No project is too big or small for us! We are here for you whether you are planning on a deep clean for the exterior of your home or have to unexpectedly remove something, such as gum or graffiti.

    We believe in providing you with a fair estimate for your Soft Wash Roof project. It is important to us our Contractor provides you the best service and results at the best price. We believe in fair pricing and honest work in Martinsburg WV.

    How Is Power Washing Different from Pressure Washing?

    Pressure Washer | Soft Wash Roof Contractor in Martinsburg WV

    Although the terms power washing and pressure washing are often used interchangeably, they are actually two separate methods. The difference is in the temperature of the water. Pressure washing uses regular temperature water. In contrast, power washing uses carefully heated water. This provides a more aggressive wash, therefore allowing it to treat a range of more significant concerns or tougher stains.

    Our Contractor uses the best tools to provide the highest quality power washing near Martinsburg WV. We use commercial-grade equipment. The equipment allows us to simultaneously disinfect the area while cleaning. Not only does this effectively wash away what you are looking to remove, but it also cleans the area! For example, this kills mold spores rather than just removing them.

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    How Power Washing Works at Our Contractor in Martinsburg WV

    We are committed to providing the best Soft Wash Roof Contractor experience. Our professionals in Martinsburg WV use the latest techniques to ensure you receive the best results. We utilize commercial-grade equipment. This carefully warms water to deliver 300-degree steam to effectively disinfect your service.

    As we are a locally-owned Contractor, we care about the environment of Martinsburg WV just like you. Because of this, we use environmentally-safe detergents. This allows us to not only provide the best power washing services, but also damage-free and environmentally-friendly results.

    Boom Lift | Soft Wash Roof Contractor in Martinsburg WV

    Why Should I Hire a Professional Soft Wash Roof Contractor?

    It’s no secret pressure washing tools are available for purchase at your favorite local hardware stores. However, they are not necessarily at the same professional caliber as those used by our Soft Wash Roof Contractor. By trusting our professionals in Martinsburg WV, you have the peace of mind you are getting the best work for the best value.

    Even more, our professionals work so you don’t have to! Hiring Gem Pro in Martinsburg WV saves you the hassle of climbing up on a ladder or juggling cumbersome equipment. We value your business and take every measure to ensure your satisfaction with your project.

    Working with Our Contractor near Martinsburg WV

    Gem Pro Wash | Soft Wash Roof Contractor in Martinsburg WV

    We understand you have many options in Martinsburg WV for Soft Wash Roof. We also understand you are busy and don’t want to spend a lot of time agonizing over making the right choice.

    Every project with our Contractor starts with a free estimate. Because your time is valuable, we maintain a strict timeline. Once our professionals assess your needs, they will provide you a written estimate within 48 hours or less. We can complete work within a week of completing your estimate!

    GEM Pro Wash provides commercial and residential services in Martinsburg WV. We are a locally-owned and veteran-owned business. Above all, our professionals are committed to delivering the best service at the best value. To best meet your needs, we offer quarterly, monthly, and weekly contract options.

    Learn More About Soft Wash Roof Contractor in Martinsburg WV with GEM Pro Wash

    We are here to help you with power washing projects of all kinds. If you are considering Soft Wash Roof, contact us today for a free estimate. Our Contractor proudly serves the Martinsburg WV area. Whether it is reviving the appearance of a dirty deck or boosting curb appeal of your home, our professionals can help! Our Contractor provides more than just Soft Wash Roof — find out your options today!