House Exteriors

The Professional Power Washing Difference 

Pressure washing and power washing both use a force of water to clean a variety of objects and surfaces. The biggest difference between pressure washing and power washing lies in the temperature of the water. Power washing offers hot and cold solutions for the most effective cleaning possible, especially for removing items like chewing gum and mildew.

Our equipment is the highest commercial-grade quality, equipped with 300-degree steam to disinfect bacterial harming contaminants and 425 gallon-supply water tank with a 300-feet hose so our trailer never leaves your driveway. We care about the environment and we are proud to use only the highest quality, environmentally safe detergents for the best and damage-free power washing.

Power Washing Exterior House Before and AfterWhen to Power Wash Your Home

Part of Routine Maintenance

The general rule from most experts is to clean the exterior of your home once or twice a year. Power washing on a regular basis helps protect from mold or mildew, and helps home keep their beautiful appearance. Generally, maintenance such as power washing can be one of the best ways of taking good care of the exterior of your home. Most often, power washing is best left to professionals. We use specific tools and equipment to get the job done. We know the best ways to treat different materials while cleaning and we make sure to keep our detergents environment friendly to protect the plant and animal life that surrounds your property.

Preparing for a New Coat of Paint

Whether it is time to add a new coat of paint due to deterioration or fading, or if you are getting ready to sell, professional power washing is frequently recommended. Power washing will help remove old, peeling, or chipping paint which is extremely helpful before applying fresh paint. Again and again, the choice to have a professional help prep your home for a new coat of paint by power washing your exterior will pay off in saving valuable time and money. Numerous experts guide you to starting on the cleanest surface possible for best results when applying new paint. Our power washing team will be able to make a difference in helping you get the best paint application possible.

After Bad Weather

Many homeowners decide to have a professional power wash company come out and remove the dirt and debris from the exterior of their home after unfavorable weather strikes. Removal of the dirt and debris not only improves the appearance of your home but also helps a homeowner see if there is damage and to what degree. After the storms pass, make sure you call us and have us come out to power wash the exterior to help in these types of situations. Keeping your home safe from mold and mildew and looking its best is what professional power washing companies like Gem Pro Wash aim to do.