Porches, Decks and Patios

Why Use our Professionals for Power Washing Your Patio and Deck?

Our professional power washing team can help you keep your porch, deck, or patio in the best of conditions. Family-owned and operated, we treat all of our customers like family too.

Weather, time, and traffic all contribute to the need for care of these surfaces. When you are considering restaining, it is definitely time to power wash. Need to repaint? Similarly, it is a good idea to have us come out and do the power washing for you.

First and foremost, we will remove trapped dirt and debris that could keep the stain from properly adhering to your deck. Not only will this make things easier for you, but also might help you save money. Without a doubt, avoiding the need to reapply the stain earlier than expected is important. And regularly scheduled power washing appointments can help keep your deck clean and attractive.

Decks often get a lot of sunlight, which means UV rays. UV rays will weather your deck and give it a gray color, which could make expensive repairs necessary in the future. GEM Pro Wash can remove excessive dirt, mold, and algae that may be growing on your deck. Bring your deck to life. Our professional techniques, equipment, and experience preserve the plants and animals around your property.

Keeping friends and family safe is a priority, whereas clean walkways can help. By power washing your patio and deck, we remove slippery surfaces and dirt & debris that you may not have noticed or had the capability to get to. We utilize environmentally safe chemicals and safe techniques. In addition, we are fully insured and take great pride in our work. Above all, our team respects your property and focuses on how to best serve you and your family.